About us

Our label Csilla Tulogdy will now be Stella Matina.


This brand name better encompasses what we do and stand for, also having a charming story behind it. “Stella Matina” is inspired by the Hungarian word “csillag” – Morning Star, often related to planet Venus. Pretty fascinating how things tie together so harmoniously, for in the Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of love, beauty, desire and victory. Do we need to say more?


These are the attributes that serve as a foundation for our brand which are next translated into our apparel. Our brand still stands for the same values, but under a more appropriate denomination.

Stella Mattina’s clothes are little art pieces, in limited edition, made with love, to enhance the qualities of a complex modern woman. Youthful and flirty, though still sophisticated and classy, a perfect choice to shine bright like the Morning Star!


Each item is carefully handcrafted because we believe that beauty is always in the details. All natural and pure things are wonderful and fascinate the eye. So we find inspiration in the surrounding world, therefore we use a variety of prints, textures with naturalistic and vegetal elements that gracefully blend together. Our fashion garments come in different shapes and designs, with fluid, structured or geometric cuts that are versatile and chic.