Star points - are loyalty points

We want to reward loyal customers on, so for every order placed online, each registered customer receives bonus points called “Star points” for each completed order.

Respectively, for every 1 leu spent you receive 1 star points. Example: for an order of 154 Lei you receive 154 star points.


The value of 100 star points is 2 lei.

Points can be accumulated and used as a discount on future orders. The points can be applied at any time and to any order, even for discounted products or with vouchers and vouchers.

It is important to be registered on, because there may be promotions with extra star points or double points, or their value may increase.

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How can you apply the Star Points

     After the order has been placed and the points have been awarded, you can use the bonus points for the next order.
Following the steps:

1. log in to your account – click on the icon on the top right and then enter the user (your email) and password – in case you don’t know the password o you can reset it by accessing the Lost your Password section on the same page. 

2. after logging in, access the My Star Points section – to see the available points

3. if you have points awarded, then you can go shopping and choose the desired products

4. during checkout, once you reach the Cart section – you can apply the points earned by pressing the Apply Reward Star Points button – the points will be applied in proportion to 100% and if you scroll, the discount value will appear. 

5. continue to complete the order – delivery address, payment address and payment method. 



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